Dos Bocas, “you must not have two loves”

“You must not have two loves,” warns the ballad of Manuel Ascanio from Jalisco, warning that by not listening to it, the Government of the Republic has gotten into the mess of the clash of two Morenista agendas in his flagship work: the Dos Bocas refinery.

The political agenda of taking control of all the unions of the old regime clashes with the agenda and schedule of the Dos Bocas work, to be inaugurated next July.

Contradictory agendas of two of the President’s favorite Morena groups. Each claims to carry out orders. The policy that “the right hand does not know what the left is doing” twisted a Gordian knot. Dilemma for Alexander the Great, not for Solomon.

Novel federalist formula in Guerrero

In Guerrero, the federalist formula with which the Government of the Republic will manage its relations with the governments of the States will be applied, at least with those where the Official Party, Morena, won.

They announce that the entire cabinet will go to the inauguration of Evelyn Salgado, to whom they will give resources and the management of social programs, invaluable political support to govern a state burdened by social and economic problems and insecurity.

That could be the turning point of federal security policy, but the challenge is to get the president’s father to agree to work so that the success of his daughter, the first governor in an entity as angry as Guerrero.

The infallible formula of the sequence of 24

The problem with open poker, regulars say at the Las Vegas tables, is that everyone is sure they know the other players’ game, and, they claim, only few professionals get it.

By advancing the process of the nomination of the presidential candidate of Morena for 2024, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador knows the letters of each one and the ones that are missing. In the style of Lampedusa, the succession has changed to remain the same.

As in the last century, it is the President who has the formula for the succession and like David Copperfield, all his movements are visible, just like the formula: finger plus survey equal to uncovering. So easy, so difficult.


Will someone in the Government be in charge of studying global economic, technological and even commercial changes to design something that in the medium term adapts Mexico’s economic policy to the global reality? … The National Institute of Migration is not very humanistic when deporting to Afghanistan to a family from that nation requesting asylum … The national leader of the PAN Marko Cortez insists on “competing” with the President and lists presidential presidential candidates of his party. He does not understand that one is the owner of his silences, a prisoner of his words… Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra said in the second language with the most speakers in the world: “falsehood has wings and flies, and the truth continues to creep, so when people realize the deception it is too late ”…

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