Double police patrols to Madeleine’s luxury house in Miami – alarm triggered in the nursery

Double police patrols have rushed to Madeleine’s house in Miami after an alarm was triggered in the children’s room.

At 18.53 US time, a fire alarm was triggered in Princess Madeleine’s luxury villa in Miami. Four minutes later the first patrol was in place, one minute later the next.

– When there is a fire alarm, we send both the police and the fire brigade, the local police chief says to Expressen.

The nasty incident took place on the second day of Easter, when Madeleine and her family were at home.

“On arrival, the house owner was contacted, who said that there was no fire anywhere in the house. They were on the phone with the alarm company to stop the alarm “, it says in the police report, according to the newspaper.

Fortunately, it must have been a false alarm from a smoke alarm in the children’s bedroom.

The day after the incident, Madeleine shared an Easter greeting on her Instagram with her daughters Leonore and Adrienne, and they seemed to be in a great mood – in other words, it does not seem that they were particularly affected by the fire alarm drama!

Photo: TT

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