“Double standard of horror”: Rapper Gzuz attacks Amira Pocher

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Of: Claire Weiss

Because she advertises herself: Rapper Gzuz accuses Amira Pocher © Instagram/Amira Pocher & Instagram/ gzuz187_official

There has been a bad atmosphere between the Pochers and Gzuz for a long time. Now the rapper shoots publicly against Amira Pocher. And that’s because – like an influencer – she advertises nail polish.

Oliver Pocher earns his living by taunting influencers on Instagram. He calls it screen control. But now his wife is doing what he criticizes others for: advertising beauty products on the social network.

Rapper Gzuz shoots against Amira Pocher in the net

Amira Pocher has her own cosmetics brand “Fayble”. This has now released five new nail polish colors that Amira would like to share with her followers immediately. “OUT NOW!! I’m curious how you combine the colors,” writes Oliver Pocher’s wife under her Instagram post, which shows her beaming with brightly painted nails.

Of course, this does not go unnoticed by rapper Gzuz. He uses the opportunity to dish out against Amira Pocher: “But shooting at other influencers who are trying to make money from advertising.” For him the “double standard of horror”.

Fans also question Amira Pocher’s behavior

And even among her fans there are critics. “Such a product, which you would of course never be able to develop yourself, simply put your name on it” is “pretty much the same as what umpteen influencers do,” accuses a follower of her. Amira Pocher reacts unperturbed: “Look at the imprint”!

Recently there was a dispute among fans. “Why do you do that then?” They complained when Amira Pocher had an old tattoo removed. Sources used: Instagram/Amira Pocher, Instagram/gzuz187_official, Tag24.de

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