Dragon Ball: A fan art shows us Maron and Krillin taking a bath on the beach

We all know that the franchise dragon ball It is one of the most popular in the world. Since it has a gigantic fandom that in a nutshell grew up with Goku and his friends. During these great adventures, we were able to meet a hundred incredible characters, many of whom we remember with great affection, such as Krillin and his first love, maronwho we will see in the fan art of today.

As you well know, Krillin He is one of the longest-lived characters in the history of dragon ball, along with Goku, Bulma and Master Roshi. Krillin has always accompanied Goku during his adventures on earth and other planets in the universe. And although currently Krillin’s strength doesn’t compare to that of Gokuthe monk is still one of the strongest humans on earth.

Secondly, maron She is a young and beautiful girl, whom we were able to meet during the Garlic Jr. Arc, where she was Krillin’s first girlfriend and love. After the Saga where she debuted, her appearances were fewer and shorter, with her being exclusive to the anime as she did not appear in the manga. However, we all remember her with great affection, since she was the first love of Krillinand has an undeniable beauty.

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Now the talented artist who specializes in works of dragon ball known as @elite_nappa, has captivated us with a great version of Maron in her emblematic yellow swimsuit, while taking a bath on the beach, where we can also see Krillin deeper admiring the indisputable beauty of maron in this cool fan art.

lovers of dragon ball are always finding ways to show their love for the franchise, whether it’s creating their favorite characters through cosplay, tattoos, songs, game mods, or as fan artlike the one we have shown you in this note from the talented artist @elite_nappa with his peculiar version of maron Y Krillin.

if you liked this fan art, you have to take a look at the social networks of @elite_nappa, because he has many other incredible works inspired by Dragon Ball, since it is definitely his specialty. Don’t forget to leave a well-deserved like.

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