Dragon Ball Final Bout: che brutto!  But absolutely indimenticabile

Dragon Ball Final Bout: che brutto! But absolutely indimenticabile

Circa ventotto anni fa quasi nessun fan della serie avrebbe avuto il coraggio e la sincerità di ammeterlo, ma fatta eccezione per l’indimenticabile Dragon Ball Z: The Legend, i titoli per PlayStation One dealt with the most popular manga di Akira Toriyama lasciavano davvero a desiderare. After the recent special dedicated to the aforementioned Dragon Ball Z: The Legend, who in Europe saw it wearing his Sega Saturn, we decided to sbloccarvi un altro ricordo risalente all’epoca PS1 And here is Dragon Ball: Final Bout, a picchiaduro with extremely woody gameplay.

Dragon Ball GT, siamo (quasi) tutti qui

sviluppato gives Cough SoftwareJapanese studio that in precedence has made numerous video games of Dragon Ball for NES and SNES, Dragon Ball: Final Bout is the third and last tie-in of the operation on PlayStation One.

Published in all the world between the months of August and November 1997, the product – which only in North America is also noted as Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout – stops at least three primates: not only the fighting game confezionato dai ragazzi di Tose è state of the first title of the series to inspire Dragon Ball GT (animated series does not deal with the original manga that all’uscita del gioco sul mercato nippónico non si era anora conclusive), ma è stato tra le altre cose il tie-in cousin of the franchise I will look at a three-dimensional graphic and I will receive an official location in English.

From Dragon Ball: Shenlong was not born to Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension, passing through the three Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden, all the previous iterations of the giant brand on our side of the globe were in infatti state tradotte soltanto in french and spanishAlso, because Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, that the Japanese and European audiences have not had a good time between 1995 and 1996, were approved in America only in late 2003.

Per il rovescio della medalaglia va detto che, dei tres titoli di Dragon Ball a essere entrati a far part del parco giochi di PlayStation One, proprio Final Bout was the poorest from the content point of viewin quanto il gioco proponenteva soltanto 17 personaggi giocabili, di cui sette sbloccabili completing the modalità principale a qualsiasi livello di difficoltà.

If the base roster included and only adult and child Goku, Pan, Trunks, Vegeta Super Saiyan 2 and Ultimate Gohan in DBZ version, Piccolo, Freeza, Perfect Cell and Kid Buu, overcoming the various sfide proposals of the arcade modality was possible Also obtains Goku adult Super Saiyan of GT and Super Saiyan 2 of DBZ, Goku bambino Super Saiyan, Future Trunks Super Saiyan, Vegeth Super Saiyan and the iconic Goku Super Saiyan 4, the conditions of their blocks were not so particular. Per poter sfidare e quindi mettere le mani sul guerriero dal folto manto peloso di colore rosso, che in alternative poteva essere sbloccato even traverso un trucco da eseguire nella schermata iniziale, era infatti Necessary to config the boss finale of the arcade modality to very difficult and I will not report any damage. Un’impresa tutt’altro che impossible, che però poteva richiedere più di un tentativo, anche perché the avversario in question was a gigantic bestione che occupava good part of the schermo.

As a certain ricorderanno and a fan of old data, we are talking about Super Baby (or Baby Vegeta Golden Oozaru, if preferred), a lottatore who, never fantasizes about the whole metropolitan leggende infondate that circolavano at that time, cannot be added to the giocabile roster not using the Game Shark (A peripheral che consentiva l’inserimento di trucchi particularari).

Of course, we do not know if the unsuccessful insertion of the selected characters is intentional or if they are reversed simply due to a mancanza di tempo from part of the sviluppatore, all the same if the gamer serves as Game Shark to impersonate the scimmione in arcade modality, at the moment of I will face the boss finale if I found myself facing a red version of Super Baby The afflitta gives an incomplete polygonal model and as a result is not clear.

Piccole gioie e grandi dolori

Without the lack of content, the main reason for Dragon Ball: Final Bout is not recorded as a fairly valuable tie-in, but it is made in the woody and superficial combat system, not lontano dal frantic rhythm raggiunto dagli scontri del franchise. The game was penalized by the rest of the inaccurate controls, the reaction times were very imbarazzanti and a davvero banale combo system, which with little colpi ben assestati allowed to send subito to the avversario tapeto.

If the girl bussed around the door where there was no control, it is specified that the longevity of Dragon Ball: Final Bout if assisted by two months, also because the creature of Tose Software non presentava la modalità story che only the first year aveva invece sancito la fortuna di Dragon Ball Z: The Legend.

If from the playful point of view Dragon Ball: Final Bout was still a mezzo disastrous, this is not true for the musical accompaniment, which presented riarrangiamenti delle melodie impiegate nei titoli di DBZ per NES e SNES, instrumental versions of the songs inserted nei lungometraggi, and addittura qualche theme song like the resounding “Hikari No Will Power” dedicated to Future Trunks (by the way, it was cemented in an excellent game of the franchise, I saw consigliamo di leggere our review of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot).

If not, say Dragon Ball: Final Bout I will continue forever to remember with pleasure the fantastic opening video Turned by the Japanese registry Mitsuo Hashimoto (registered by Dragon Ball Z: The Origin of the Myth, The Death of Invincible Warriors and The Destiny of the Saiyan) and the brano “The Biggest Fight” by the legendary Hironobu Kageyama, which dopo le intramontabili “Chala head Chala” and “We Gotta Power” avrebbe cantato, negli anni a venire, also the intro of various Budokai, Budokai Tenkaichi and dei due Raging Blast.

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