Dragon Ball: Five Android 18 cosplays that you can’t miss because of the great resemblance to the anime

We all know Android 18. The character appeared in the arc of Cell of Dragon Ball Z as one of the most fearsome villains of the entire saga. In an alternative future, he manages to kill all the Z Warriors. plunging the world into true chaos.

However, in the Dragon Ball timeline we follow, things took a completely different turn. Number 18 went from villain to part of the Z family. She married Krillin and had a daughter.

All these characteristics, added to her appearance -a blonde who unrestrictedly dresses fashionably- conspired to turn android 18 in one of the favorite characters of cosplayers.

The modified blonde in the clandestine laboratories of the Red Patrol is the focus of multiple interpretations by the Dragon Ball fan service.

Alongside Bulma, she must be one of the most cosplayed women in all of Dragon Ball. And it is that to be able to carry out a job of this style, the main thing is to emulate the different outfits with which she dresses.

To that, we should add blonde hair and an identical cut that never changes (in the canon stories).

So, enjoy this selection of five Android 18 cosplays, made by His housethat you cannot stop seeing, due to the professionalism of its interpreters.

Android 18 cosplay

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