Dragon Ball: Goku would easily defeat everyone in Street Fighter 2

Dragon Ball has presented us with some of the most amazing combats in the anime industry, although throughout our childhood we could see how Goku, along with the other Z Warriors, faced fearsome villains countless times and managed to emerge victorious. , so they are unmatched warriors.

Something that has surprised us is that a Dragon Ball fan has made a tribute in which it is shown how the beloved character of Goku faces the fighters of the beloved Street Fighter video game in a never-before-seen crossover.

We must mention that, Dragon Ball already has a solid catalog of combat video games from Bandai himself, so we have been able to see how the Z Warriors perform special attacks and unique combos in conjunction with our experience playing.

A fan by the name of GamebillStudio, has published a video on his official YouTube account, where we can see in detail how the character of Goku faces the fighters of the Street Fighter 2 video game.

Curiously, the confrontations are greatly outdone by the powerful Saiyan, to the extent that many of us can see how Goku manages to defeat many of the opponents with a single combo, a situation that reminds us of how he managed to defeat Reacoom in one hit. .

The best of all is that in the end they present us with the surprise confrontation, in which in seeing Akuma face us, they end up presenting us with the arrival of Vegeta, as this is a worthy opponent of Goku, although our protagonist manages to defeat him as in the Dragon Ball Z animated series.

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