Dragon Ball, One Piece: the price of manga will increase, here’s why

Situation of inflation obliges, the prices increase everywhere and this time it is Glénat, editor of Dragon Ball and One Piece which will increase its prices…

Another bad news for our purchasing power. Indeed, Glénat, which is the historic publisher of Dragon Ball manga in France, will increase the price of manga from January 1, 2023. This is not going to please everyone.

A new price list for Dragon Ball et cie:

The new fee schedule is as follows:

Manga : One Piece – Tokyo Revengers – Bastard – Berserk – Bleach – Dr Stone – Dragon Ball – Dragon Ball Super – Eye Shield 21 – Kilari – Alice Academy – Shangri La Frontier – Sakamoto Days – Tokyo Goul

  • Old Price: 6.90 euros
  • New price: 6.99 euros (+0.09 cents)

Manga : Blue Giant – Dragon Ball SD – DBZ- Gunnm – Gunnm Mars Chronicle – For the Worse – Reimp – Shadows House

  • Old price : 7.60 euros
  • New price : 7.90 euros (+0.30 cents)

Manga : Drops of God – Stray Dog

  • Old price : 9.15 euros
  • New price : 9.50 euros (+0.35 cents)

Manga : Chi une vie de Chat – Dr Slump perfect – Dragon Ball Perfect – Jizo -Ningyo – Kenshin perfect – School carried away – Ranma 1/2

  • Old price : 10.75 euros
  • New price : 10.95 euros (+0.20 cents)

The publisher Glénat justifies this price increase by the shortage of paper linked to the health crisis, the war in Ukraine and access to certain raw materials such as aluminum, the rise in energy prices, the cost of transport , printing prices but also cardboard which generate a very significant increase in costs. In short, multiple reasons. It should be noted, however, that paper production mainly takes place in China, the USA, Japan and Germany, which are the main exporters. The war in Ukraine must therefore have a very insignificant impact on this increase, unlike the health crisis which may have effectively blocked Chinese exports.

In short, an increase in Glenat which on a case-by-case basis may seem minimal but which on a large mass of sales is more than significant.

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