Dragon Ball shows that Milk is still a fast and dangerous fighter

Goku’s wife, mother of Gohan and Goten, daughter of the Ox King, princess of Fire Mountain and a dangerous fighter. This last way of identifying Milk It is the least used by fans of dragonballbut the manga shows what he is capable of.

Although she has withdrawn from the world of martial arts, a scene shows that although she has left her fighting days in the past, Milk is still a warrior.

As the website of screen rant in one report, when Milk was introduced, she was just a girl running from a wild dinosaur for her life. Just when she looks like she’s going to be eaten, she throws the blade that was on her helmet with such force and precision at the pursuing carnivore that it cuts off the dinosaur’s head.

In Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Chapter 433, the Z-Fighters have entered the World Martial Arts Tournament to have fun with each other and definitely prove who the better fighter really is. Unfortunately, Goten and Trunks were excluded from the contest because they were too young to participate in the adult games and could only compete against other children their age.

In defense of his son

As Goten and Trunks fought their opponents, Bulma and Milk sat in the stands, cheering on their children.. However, another mother was also in the stands yelling aggressively at her sons, who fought Goten and Trunks at different points in the tournament, to beat them any way they could.

When Goten and Trunks beat up this woman’s children with ease, he went after their mothers to get revenge. The aggressive mother lunged at Bulma after Trunks defeated her son, but before she could inflict any damage, the violent mother received a swift punch to the face courtesy of Milk.

Dragon Ball Chapter 433

Milk knocked out that violent mother with a single punch after the woman threatened Bulmaan act that showed that she is still just as dangerous as when she killed that dinosaur.

What’s interesting about this too is that it happened at the World Martial Arts Tournament, less than twenty years after Milk had fought in the very contest he was now watching.

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