Dragon Ball Super shows us the way to Vegeta’s Ultra Ego evolution

The Dragon Ball Super manga is going through one of its best moments, since the revelation of its new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has brought a new air to the franchise, while its manga series has already had time between reader favorite as in the midst of the big rematch against Gas with the newest chapters in the series, and now the series has revealed that Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form is further evolving through the fight against the almighty Heater.

Since, while Goku and Vegeta continue their fight with Gasthe two of them have reached their full power once again, and thus now have a better chance of defeating the strong enemy, which is why Vegeta stood his ground against Gas with the previous chapter of the series, and he had a use much better than ultra-ego for this fight.

This was how it was previously revealed that the Ultra Ego of Vegeta he gets stronger the more damage he takes, but it wasn’t until the fight against Granolah that the Saiyan Prince was able to use this new form of his in a real battle, so since Vegeta has now regained all of his possible strength with Ultra Ego, he reveals in the most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super that the form is evolving not only through the amount of damage he’s been taking, but also as his body gets used to it.

During the chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Superwhich starts right after Vegeta was left alone to face Gas, and the more damage Gas deals to him, the more Vegeta’s power grows and even stops Goku from jumping at one point by revealing that his form is starting to recharge. even more so and considers the fight with Gas to be the “ideal stimulant” to evolve his Ultra Ego.

However, the only major drawback is still the weakness from before, as the more damage he takes, the less he can keep fighting, now, it’s even more apparent with Gas, as Heeter hits much harder than granolaand with each of his damage, Vegeta reaches the limits of his body at a much faster rate than before, meaning he’s also out of the fight much faster than before, so if Vegeta wants to use Ultra Ego further and evolve further and figure out how to take damage painlessly.

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