Dragon Ball Super: the new arc could connect the manga and the movies

A new story is coming Dragon Ball Superand now, he has revealed that his next arc will be called “Super Hero Arc”, and that from December 2022 on the pages of the Dragon Ball Super manga, and that it will come loaded with incredible discoveries, because after all, Dragon Ball Super is just off the release of his second blockbuster feature film, which is coincidentally titled Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

On the subject, Toei has been vague in confirming any direct connection between the Super Hero manga arc and the Super Hero movie, but there are several simple connections that could actually tie this upcoming manga arc to the two Dragon Ball Super movies, as well as with the most recent manga arcs.

A clearer timeline

One of the biggest concerns about Dragon Ball Super right now is the series’ timeline. Dragon Ball Super has always faced the challenge of having to end its story in a way that is in sync with the final epilogue of Dragon Ball Z. Recent years have further complicated the matter by making the Dragon Ball Super manga the only setting for the canonized story, with the feature films fitting loosely between the arcs of the manga.

The Dragon Ball Super manga’s “Super Hero” arc could finally pull the threads together into a clearer timeline of the series’ most recent events. Right now, there are two distinct stories taking place in DBS, in two very different locations:

Goku and Vegeta left Earth to train with Beerus and Whis, and defeat new intergalactic threats like the escape of Moro the Galactic Prison inmate, and how the rest of the Z Fighters are doing, new threats are coming like the Army of the Red Patrol (seen in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero).

Now, the Dragon Ball Super story arc could close a much-needed gap that currently exists, as the manga’s Moro arc takes place right after the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie and the Granolah arc, which begins just after the epilogue of El Moro. The events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero seem to take place just before the Granolah arc begins, so this new manga could tell its story on Earth, while the events of Granolah unfold outside the world.

So, if that’s the case, it would help the manga and movies finally converge to a point where the main characters can meet, during or after the events of the Super Hero Arc, when Goku and Vegeta finally return to Earth.

That would be a great point from which to launch a new Dragon Ball Super anime series or possibly a window for Goku to decide to move on as Earth’s protector. After all, the Dragon Ball Z epilogue featured elements like Goku training his replacement (Uub) and Goten and Trunks as defenders of Earth, all of whom are now being sewn into more current Dragon Ball Super lines. The Super Hero arc could be a key piece in setting up that “future” version of Earth that we saw at the end of DBZ.

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