Dragon Ball Super: The true explanation of why Gohan reaches beast mode

The new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero showed us two new transformations: Orange Piccolo’s and Gohan’s beast mode. According to Akira Toriyama, with this new form, Goku’s son is capable of surpassing his father and Vegeta, until now possessing the highest levels of power in the franchise.

However, many find it difficult to find a logic to Gohan’s transformation since it was introduced without prior explanation.

Things that did happen with all the transformations in the canon of all Dragon Ball. The Super Saiyan and the rest of his phases were introduced with the story of a legendary warrior with a pure heart.

Said element ended up thrown on the ground as Broly and Vegeta, full of anger and evil, managed to become Super Saiyan. While the later God and Blue arrived thanks to a divine ki that the story gave them.

Finally, the Ultra Ego and Ultra Instinct came as a result of training, above all, of the mind. Then What about Gohan’s beast mode? Where does it come from?

Gohan’s beast mode logic

If Goku and Vegeta can achieve transformations with a strict level of training, why couldn’t Gohan do the same?

The same young Saiyan revealed during the last arc of Dragon Ball Super that he was working on a new form far removed from his father’s.

And Akira Toriyama himself pointed out that this transformation is born from the deepest origin in Gohan’s power, that inside him he has trapped a beast that he has already managed to unleash.

Many were amazed at every detail of this transformation. How much the young warrior’s hair grew, the color of his eyes that turned red and the immense amount of power that he reached positioned Gohan again, finally, on the same level as his and Vegeta’s father.

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