Dragon Ball The Breakers: Open Beta download guide, starting this week

The public test phase of Dragon Ball The Breakers, the asymmetrical multiplayer title that can therefore be tried by any player around the world. Let’s find out how to register for the Open Beta and proceed with the download, so you can play from the first moment.

How to download the Beta on console

To download the Dragon Ball The Breakers Open Beta, all you have to do is visit the digital store of your platform, look for the trial version of the game and add it to the collection. Once in the library, you can proceed with the download of the files necessary to participate in the Beta.

Here are the download links:

How to download the Beta on PC

Those who want to try Dragon Ball The Breakers on Steam, on the other hand, need to take a simple extra step. After visiting the official product page on the Valve client, scroll down to find the banner through which you can request access to the test. In correspondence with the wording “Take part in FORM Playtest”click on the green button with written on it “Request access” and the Beta game will automatically be added to your library so you can proceed with the download.

Regardless of which platform you have chosen to play the Dragon Ball The Breakers Open Beta, be aware that the servers will open from 21 to 25 September 2022 and, at the moment, no further details regarding timetables have been communicated. Anyone who participates in the Beta and purchases the game on the same platform will be able to receive an aesthetic DLC at no additional cost, or the keychain by Oolong.

Did you know that the new Dragon Ball The Breakers trailer has confirmed the presence of Majin Buu?

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