Dragon Ball: The Breakers presents Majin Buu in video

As a reminder, Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a third-person action game where a group of seven heroes must face a super villain from the license. They are at the beginning of a game of simple civilians, hence the inclusion of the farmer, but by finding resources and energy reserves, they can temporarily transform into Dragon Ball heroes to fight on equal terms with Frieza , Cell or Buu.

Their goal is to take off a capsule located in the middle of the map after activating several objectives located in opposite regions. During this time, the super villain incarnated by a randomly drawn player will evolve to gain power, and can win by eliminating opposing players or preventing them from achieving their objectives. He can also destroy certain entire regions to reduce the size of the terrain and better flush out the heroes.

While players who tried out the beta a few weeks ago regret combat that is far too imprecise, it remains to be seen whether its original concept for a game from the license but already seen everywhere else will succeed in attracting the general public. Answer on October 14 on PlayStation, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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