Dragon Ball: The reasons why Master Roshi is very powerful and is up to any battle

some call it Kame-Sen’ninothers Mutenroy and they have even told him turtle goblin, but for us he will always be Master Roshi. the sensei of Goku He is one of the most powerful human characters that exist in Dragon Ball stories in which, despite the years, he continues to have an important weight in each battle.

The Master Roshi He’s at a level where he can’t be compared to other humans like Krillin, Ten Shin Han either yamucha. The martial artist’s wisdom places him one step above normal people and below a deity (God).

Location that he won, among other things, for having 350 years of life (taking into account Dragon Ball Super. During this long life he has dedicated himself to training while continuing to train the warriors of tomorrow.

How brutal it would be if one day the writers of Dragon Ball get the idea to put Master Roshi to train characters like Goten, Trunks or Pan.

Hardly that happens. So while we pause our imaginations on how much Roshi could give to the future of Dragon Ball, we are going to highlight what he has already given to Akira Toriyama’s successful franchise.

Why is Master Roshi one of the most powerful in Dragon Ball?

Master Roshi is unable to reach levels like those recorded by a Super Saiyan, for example. However, his years of experience give him the mental ability to stand up to any rival.

It is a strange but real phenomenon, within the fiction that Dragon Ball presents. Roshi was able to apply his tools to neutralize or at least get out alive from a battle in which his rival clearly outclasses him.

A clear example of this was his performance during the tournament of strength, in the last arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime. In this battle, perhaps the most surprising we have seen from the Master, he earned the respect of the God of Destruction and an angel like Whis.

And it is that with his Mafuba, with which he was also about to defeat Piccolo Daimakú, he was vital for the final triumph of Universe 7.

Another example that we cannot ignore is when he himself, in the Frieza Resurrectionled the fight against the army of conquering worlds.

In that same fight there were warriors who clearly have more strength than Roshi, but they will never be able to match him in experience and mental ability.

Techniques of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball

The increase of power through Ki is his main technique. He is able to increase a little beyond his own level, but that takes a lot of energy and he can only use it for a short period of time.

In this same context is the Kamehameha and the Kienza. We emphasize once again the Mafuba and one that is little known: the hypnosis. Through this ability he can control his opponent’s mind and neutralizes him while trying to defeat him.

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