Dragon Ball: The unusual wish Frieza wants to ask the dragon balls in “Broly” is a reference to the first arcs of the series

dragon ball It has hilarious situations. This is practically one of the main characteristics of the anime that Akira Toriyama has been able to take advantage of in favor of his most successful work. As he introduces jokes in delicate situations, he takes the opportunity to make references to the first arcs of his series.

It’s what he did with Frieza during Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Akira Toriyama gives a space to the world conqueror who is in search of the dragon balls after surviving in the Tournament of the Force of Universes arc.

There, he makes it clear to one of his henchmen the wish he wants to make after gathering the seven spheres and invoking Shenlong.

Frieza unusually wants to be taller, but that’s not all. He also wants to make it only five centimeters so that the difference is not too noticeable and his rivals, and allies, think that it is still in development.

The setting is to laugh and provide a kind of filler in which Frieza participates without being the main danger of the film.

We have already said that Akira Toriyama enjoys writing movies more than the manga itself. So this was an opportunity to insert a reference to the first great villains that Goku faced in his childhood.

Frieza’s wish reference

Frieza’s wish wanting to be taller reminds us of the early villains who were searching for the dragon balls. It is about the Red Patrol, which led by Captain Red, were looking for these talismans so that it could increase in size.

He even prioritized this desire over world conquest. Red wanted to be a tall man and later intended to take over the Earth.

Curiously, the one who frustrates the plans of the leader of the Red Patrol is Black, second in command of the Red Patrol, who kills him because of the superficiality of his desire.

In the case of Frieza, although he has not yet fulfilled his wish, the villain is still alive. Maybe he will one day achieve what Captain Red could never achieve.

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