Dragon Ball: Who would win in a battle between Omega Sheng Long and Beerus?

Dragon Ball GT you can be the target of any criticism you can think of. But nobody can deny that the end of their last arc has one of the most epic moments in the history of the saga: the way in which they beat Omega Sheng Long, leader of the 7 evil dragons and a kind of representation of destruction.

Although the story is not canon, it is an official product developed by the people of Toei Animation. And therefore, it has almost all the components to be part of the conglomerate that unites the history of dragon ball.

The end of the arc of the 7 evil dragons, some villains that were born as a result of the constant use of the dragon balls, was considered for a long time as the last time Goku used the Spirit Bomb.

The episode exposes the brave and heroic of each of the Saiyan Z Warriors, represented by Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks and Goten. While the villain, a hard stone to crack, meant one of the greatest threats that the Earth faced.

Because this villain, Omega Sheng Long, is a kind of supreme representation of destruction, we wonder if this warrior could defeat the God of Destruction Beerus. So, we break it down below, highlighting the power levels of it.

Omega Shenglong vs. Beerus in Dragon Ball

This is a battle we’re probably never going to see in the canon stories. But nothing prevents us from doing the exercise of who would win this brutal match. Everything seems to indicate that Beerus would surely defeat the dark dragon, but it may not be so easy for him to achieve it.

Omega Sheng Long is introduced after Goku is already able to turn Super Saiyan 4, something that doesn’t appear in Super. While Beerus goes through other transformations of the Saiyans, such as God, Blue and Ultra Instinct or Mega Instinct.

In SSJ4 mode, Goku is unable to defeat Omega Sheng Long, as he does so by executing a Genkidama that gathered the energy of the entire universe. While in the case of Beerus, the Z Fighters have not yet been able to even pose a problem for the God of Destruction.

So even though Omega Sheng Long is truly a very powerful villain, on the scales of power he is still far below the God of Destruction.

Both characters are capable of destroying the entire galaxy. The difference is that Beerus would execute it in three moves and the evil dragon would have to make a lot of effort to achieve it. In conclusion, Bills would win it without much trouble.

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