Dragon Ball Z: a ​​Frieza henchman anticipated the story of the legendary Super Saiyan and no one had noticed

We learned the word Saiyan during the first arc of Dragon Ball Z, in which precisely the older brother of Goku revealing a quantity of information with which we were all shocked.

Later they arrived nappa Y Vegeta to show us a totally new and extraordinary level of fighting compared to what we had seen before. Goku also surprised us after his return from beyond and his high power we relate only to his training with Kaiosama.

We did not know, yet, that we were in the presence of a class of warriors who, when on the verge of death and badly wounded, do nothing but increase their power.

However, the word Super Saiyan we would not hear it as such until Vegeta he mentions her referring to the then legendary warrior, after seeing Goku’s superiority, compared to RecoomSpecial Forces soldier Ginyu.

There, still unaware of yellow hair and unleashed expulsion of power is when we found out that Goku could be the chosen one. But someone anticipated it much earlier during the same saga of frieza and no one had noticed.

A henchman of the conquering worlds knew that the Super Saiyan was a real warrior and not a legend, as everyone thought. So, in a dialogue with Vegeta, he mentioned this situation that Frieza was afraid of.

The preview of the Super Saiyan

Dodoria, just before dying at the hands of Vegeta, tells him the reality of the destruction of planet Vegita. It is when we hear the popular story that Frieza destroyed it because if the Saiyans joined together to fight, they were able to defeat the world conqueror.

But in a very specific part of the same conversation, Dodoria tells Vegeta that warriors like him were something Frieza was very afraid of as they were rapidly increasing in power. So, that’s why he used it and kept the people by his side as long as he could and also took care of exterminating almost the entire race.

What came next we all know. There is no such thing as the legendary Super Saiyan. As far as we know, any of this race can achieve transformation as long as they dedicate themselves to training to increase their power.

Gohan being a teenager he didn’t show them. goten Y trunks confirmed this claim. And the Saiyans of Universe 6, in Dragon Ball Super they finished making it very clear that any person of this race is capable of become Super Saiyan.

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