Dragon Ball Z: Fan art lets us see more of Android 18

the consecrated anime dragon ballhas been placed as the favorite of many for years, and that is why there is a huge number of cosplay versions and fan art on the internet, where we can see how the followers of this epic franchise take their own versions of their protagonists, turning them in new perspectives on them, that’s why whatever your material or technique, they all deserve to be shared.

And it is that, this great franchise created by the renowned mangaka Akira Toriyamahas let us know one of the stories with more action, fights and epic scene-by-scene confrontations, becoming one of the unmissable anime titles, as it fits most tastes, even its characters are some of the most beloved and recognized in the world of anime.

Well, just look at the large number of people who make fan art of this popular anime, whether in tattoos, collecting its figures, or simply wearing some of the most emblematic outfits of this great franchise, where the cosplay and fan art works of Dragon Ball, are always some of the all-time favorites.

On this occasion, we will show you a new fan art shared on networks, where we can see the always attractive, powerful and admired android 18 on the shore of the sea among the rocks, taking a moment to put everything in order after a confrontation, where they have clearly torn her clothes, but that would never stop our dear fighter, since she has shown that she has great determination and that she does not stops at nothing.

This fan art has been designed and created by the illustrator Ayya, better known on networks like AyyaSAPa creative artist who shares great works with us and who you can find on her official Instagram as @ayyasap, where she has more than 82 thousand followers and a lot of fan art for all tastes.

We hope that this ingenious work of fan art has been to your liking, remember that your comments will always be received on our social networks, so please continue on eGames News.

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