Dragon Ball Z: The true story of the mysterious “lost opening” of the Cell saga

Throughout the history of dragon ballthe production of Toei Animation he has dedicated himself to making really talented openings or intros to catch the fans. The Chala head Chala is one of the most iconic and appeared for the first time in Dragon Ball Z.

For many listening to this song was the reason why they decided to give the anime a chance and so on. they ended up falling in love with a series based on the work of Akira Toriyama. And it is that this version that went around the world in different languages ​​maintains the same structure and musical base.

However, what changes as the series progresses are the images that appear. As the YouTuber points out In Dominus Friezaon whom we took the audacity to base this review, the modifications in the illustrations are focused on the villains.

In the first part of Dragon Ball Z the Saiyans come out, then there are details of the planet namek and after the events of Frieza, at the end of the theme song, Goku goes Super Saiyan: the ecstasy of openings if you ask me.

The lost opening of the Cell saga in Dragon Ball Z

In Dominus Frieza reminds us that a myth about a supposed lost openning of the Cell saga was installed a long time ago. In this, appears the image of Goku transformed into Super Saiyanbeside Vegeta Y Gohan also in the same modality of yellow hair.

From the outset, although the characters are located as they appear in the intro of Dragon Ball Zto place an image of this magnitude is to ruin all the fans with a gigantic spoiler. Simply showing Gohan as a Super Saiyan would hurt everything. So that’s the first notice to clarify that this was not an opening.

The aforementioned YouTuber decided to delve into the situation and conducted an investigation to find out if this is an official image or a fanart from back then. Therefore, it found that it is a product with a Toei Animation seal.

But the reality is that this image came from a commercial that was broadcast in Japan, during the transmission of Dragon Ball Z in the 90s. In such a way that the mystery of the NO opening of the Cell saga in Dragon Ball Z is solved. .

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