Dragonfight: Blizzard will release its WoW expansion in 2022

Blizzard presented in 2022 its new expansion for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. It is also in 2022 that it will be released, warns the studio.

Blizzard won’t wait almost a year to launch Dragonflight, the new expansion for World of Warcraft. In A press release published on June 21, the American studio announces that the sequel to its MMORPG will be available by the end of 2022. This extension, the ninth, was presented in April. It is themed around dragons.

A quick release for a WoW expansion

It’s clearly a quick launch that Blizzard is aiming for with Dragonflight. Even if we do not yet have the exact release date, it will therefore take a maximum of eight months and a few days between the time of the announcement (April 19, 2022) and the very end of the year. And we can reasonably bet that the studio will obviously not wait until December 31 to launch Dragonflight.

For comparison, it took almost a year and three weeks from the announcement of the Shadowlands expansion to its release. For the previous one, Battle for Azeroth, it was nine months. As for Legion, Warlords of Draenor and Mists of Pandaria, it was respectively over a year and three weeks, a year and eleven months. Dragonflight will be released relatively quickly, compared to others.

Dragonflight will feature a new continent, the Dragon Islands, and a new race, a half-human, half-draconid biped. An allegiance system will be offered to choose your side (Alliance or Horde), as for the Pandaren. A specific class will accompany the dracthyrs, the name of the race. This is the evoker class that will have unique spells and skills.

The era is dragons with the new extension of WoW. // Source: Blizzard

An extension to turn the page?

The release of Dragonflight, which is ultimately quite close, must be assessed in light of what the game and the studio have gone through in recent years. In WoW, the Shadowlands expansion has been a complicated experience for players, leaving them with mixed feelings. Blame it, in part, on patches that took too long to come out.

The staff was also shaken by very heavy accusations of acts of sexual harassment from certain executives of the company. The case had a very important impact, both media and legal, and several high-ranking people of the company ended up resigning, including the CEO and the senior designer of wow.

The crisis led to departures, including the replacement of the CEO of Blizzard, who was to co-lead the company with another executive. All in a negative context for the company, which is struggling to renew its licenses and whose certain video game proposals have not convinced – whether Diablo Immortal or a future mobile game on Warcraft, Arclight Rumble.

All this comes at a pivotal moment for Blizzard: the studio becomes a subsidiary of Microsoft. It is one of the most important acquisitions in the culture sector and still consolidates a little more the video game empire of the software giant. A takeover that questions the future of Blizzard. But given his trajectory in recent years, this may be his salvation.

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