Drama in Maskorama – the production had to intervene

On Saturday, the stage was set for the grand finale of this year’s Maskorama on NRK, where Zombien went all the way to the top of the competition.

THE VICTORY: The zombie, or Bilal Saab, went serially out of this year's Maskorama.  Photo: NRK

THE VICTORY: The zombie, or Bilal Saab, went serially out of this year’s Maskorama. Photo: NRK

Behind the winner’s mask was artist Bilal Saab (23), who was also guessed by all the detective judges in the final programme.

In third place was Rabagasten, the costume that housed Øystein “Pølsa” Pettersen (39).

When finalist Ulven took off his mask in second place, a clearly boiled Daniel Kvammen (34) appeared on stage.

He stated that this has essentially been a single big upswing, but on stage he also hinted that it has been somewhat challenging to perform behind the Wolf mask.

“You should know how hot it is in here,” he told the panel of judges.

Kept passing out several times

When Good evening Norway spoke to Kvammen after recording on Saturday, he revealed that things were once going wrong under the mask.

– The most challenging part has really been breathing inside this mask. It has been so hot. I think I have the warmest costume and it’s so tight. So when I sang “Blue Da Ba Dee” a few weeks ago, I was about to pass out at all the rehearsals. It was quite… It was the most challenging, says Kvammen.

He adds that this round there was an extra lot of text, and that there was therefore no particular room to breathe.

He goes on to say that the production had to come in and adjust the mask to prevent him from fainting.

– It has been adjusted over time, yes, and it was perhaps not quite optimal at the start. You can say, he says.

This also had something to say about his performances on stage.

“In this costume, I can’t sing like Daniel Kvammen. So I went 3,000 percent to be the Wolf,” said Kvammen when he guested on the Maskorama podcast together with Pettersen and Saab after the final.

“My inner child in full, FULL freedom. Daniel Kvammen was completely gone,” he wrote on his Instagram profile after being revealed on Saturday.

– Never had any doubts

When Kvammen was asked about participating in this year’s Maskorama, he was never in doubt about what to answer.

– I just said yes, me. That’s the way I am. A request came through a management, and then I said “of course, father, I’ll be on Maskorama”, he says to God kveld Norge.

Adjusted the mask

– The wolf had a lot of fur and was very active on stage. Daniel was very good at giving the iron to make a fun show, and he probably noticed that it was getting nice and tight in there.

That’s what producer in Fremantle, Kim Strømstad, says. Furthermore, he emphasizes that it must be safe to participate in Maskorama and says that they had to adjust Kvammen’s mask, so that he could get more air.

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