Drama of Millas: the father of a victim regrets that "the driver remains in denial"

On the first day of her trial, the driver of the bus which was hit by a train at a level crossing in Millas in December 2017 denied having forced the security barrier.

“We are not looking for a culprit at all costs, we are looking for the truth.” Fabien Bourgeonnier, who lost his son in the bus accident which occurred in Millas on December 14, 2017, regrets the denials of the school bus driver on the first day of the trial of the drama.

“I am convinced that she is holding a posture. She remains in denial about what happened,” he said on Tuesday morning on BFMTV.

A drama that should serve as an example

The attitude of Nadine Olivieira on this first day of the trial shocked the victims and the relatives of the victims present at the Marseilles court where the trial was relocated. In tears when the president of the court asked her about the circumstances of the accident, she had no word for the victims, saying that she associated the date of December 14 with the death of her father, 8 years to the day before. the accident.

“Even if she does not feel responsible for this tragedy, I ask her for a little humanity towards our children. 23 children were victims of this tragedy, it is inhuman to forget them”, continues Fabien Bourgeonnier, president of the association “In memory of our angels”.

For Fabien Bourgeonnier, this trial should be an opportunity to raise the debate on the safety of level crossings. “On the level crossings, there are known risks, not everything works. We have to be able to discuss them, this tragedy must serve as an example as is the case during air disasters”, considers the father of the family. “We take the example of what happened and we make sure it doesn’t happen again, or at least we improve things.”

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