Drastic changes in the 2022 tax – one innovation is particularly annoying

  • income of employees should be taxed less heavily
  • interest charges sink: traffic light has to submit a decision
  • Home office flat rate falls away
  • More money fr employer-funded pension

The year 2022 brings some changes – especially in financial terms. This affects both companies and private individuals. For example, job-related moves are being re-regulated. Here you can find out what changes in terms of finances are in store for you in 2022.

Basic tax-free amount increases – more tax-free income

With the first of January 2022, the so-called “basic allowance” of the income tax will increase:

  • Fr Single it rises to 9,984 euros, that’s around 240 euros more than in 2021.
  • Fr For married couples, the basic tax allowance is 19,968 euros, 480 euros more than 2021.

When “Basic tax allowance” is the amount up to which a person’s income is not taxed. This regulation means that employees have more money at their disposal. The state only deducts taxes from income that exceeds the basic tax allowance.

The tax on the rich rises

In the Income tax usually applies a top tax rate of 42 percent. For absolute top earners, however, this tax rate continues to rise. A will apply from next year Tax rate of 45 percent for the following people:

  • Available with more than 277.826 Euro income
  • Married couples with more than 555.652 Euro income

Corporate income tax as a new option

Business owners, if they have submitted an application in 2021, can make use of a newly created option model in the new year. With the new regulation, craft businesses that are run as a partnership (GmbH or AG) can be taxed with corporate income tax.

The big advantage of this option is that the corporate tax rate is 15 percent. With this change, partnerships now also have the opportunity to reinvest larger portions of the net profit. That explains roughly the firm for corporate tax law “Juhn Partner”.

More tax deductible pension expenses

From 2022 onwards, so-called “Pension Expenses” Better to be tax deductible for your own retirement. The Association of Taxpayers explains that for 2022 a maximum of 25,639 euros applies, special editions already taken into account. From this sum you can a maximum of 94 percent tax deductible will. The following amounts can be claimed for tax purposes:

  • single: 24.101 Euro
  • Married and registered partners: 48.202 Euro

More money for company pension schemes

15 percent subsidy for company pension schemes Everyone who has already taken out a corresponding pension in 2019 will get it. At the beginning of the new year, this must be 15 percent also for older contracts be granted. This is confirmed by the Stiftung Warentest, among others. Anyone who is also below the so-called contribution assessment limit of the statutory health insurance is entitled to the full allowance. The income threshold for contributions in 2022 is EUR 58,050 gross.

Interest rates are falling

The Federal Constitutional Court declared the interest on arrears from the tax office to be unconstitutional for the period from January 1, 2019. That is why the traffic light coalition made up of the SPD, FDP and Alliance 90 has to submit a new resolution to the Greens. Until this decision is made, a significantly lower interest rate will apply in 2022 instead of the previously fixed six percent interest. However, this also applies to reimbursement interest. Because: If the tax office owes the citizens money and needs a long time for the money to reach the citizens, it is obliged to add interest to the sum. This compensates for the long waiting time. This amount is known as reimbursement interest.

The so-called “degressive depreciation” is abolished

Due to the corona pandemic, there was a “declining balance depreciation” when purchasing items for operation or fixed assets. This regulation stipulated that when investing in a company a two and a half times higher sum could be operationally “written off” (reimbursed). The reimbursement was capped at a maximum of 25 percent of the investment amount. This regulation is to be lifted from 2022. However, in view of the current pandemic situation, the Federal Ministry of Finance could extend the declining balance depreciation again.

Will the home office flat rate be extended or canceled?

That should be on paper too “Home office package” in the amount of around five euros per day Expire in 2022. Employees were able to claim a total of 600 euros per year from tax at the tax office as so-called “profit-reducing operating expenses”. This regulation was, however limited to the years 2020 and 2021t. But here too, in view of the pandemic situation, an extension of the regulation is to be expected, to the benefit of the employees.

Tax relief for “support services” from parents or children

Parents who financially support an adult child although they are no longer entitled to child benefit payments can claim this support for tax purposes. This Support services are considered to be so-called “exceptional stress”. In 2022 this will be a maximum of 9,984 euros. This sum is also increased if parents pay the contributions to private health and long-term care insurance for their child. The contribution is reduced again with every income and receipt of the child that exceeds a monthly income of 624 euros. Parents receive no pleasure the child should have more than 15,500 euros. Support services not only apply to children, but also to taxpayers who support their parents financially.

Sales law is changed – burden of proof is reversed

Purchase contracts concluded on or after January 1, 2022 have a Changed rule on burden of proof. This is confirmed by the consumer advice center from North Rhine-Westphalia. So far the rule has been: If a defect or fault appears in a purchased device within six months, this defect was already present at the time of purchase. These six months are now twelve months.

Financial relief with the “old age relief amount”

Everyone who turns 64 this year will benefit in 2022. This is made possible by the so-called “Retirement benefit“. The tax office lowers the too taxable income by 14.5 percent in 2022. The taxable income can be reduced by a maximum of 684 euros.

Pensions will be taxed in 2022

Every taxpayer who retires in 2022 must Tax on 82 percent of the gross pension. After a total of twelve pension payments have been received, the tax office will determine the so-called “pension allowance” of around 18 percent of the gross pension in 2023. The determined pension exemption will then apply until the end of your life.

Removal costs are tax deductible

Every employee who is professionally forced to move in 2022 is entitled to a Moving fee assert. For that it takes not even proof of the actual cost. The will be presented Moving lump sum as “advertising expenses”. By law, a move is considered to be work-related if the employee is able to use the move to commute to work Saving one hour of travel time a day.

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