“Dream ship” captain turns 41 – where is Florian Silbereisen?

“Dream Ship” captain turns 41 today |

Where is Florian Silbereisen?

Germany’s all-rounder is celebrating his 41st birthday today: Florian Silbereisen!

It’s quite possible that the show master, pop singer and actor will take it easy today. Unlike his 40th birthday. Because he was in the middle of the DSDS casting for RTL, so he had to work and did it dutifully. As on so many other days of honor before, as he revealed to BILD in the past.

Florian Silbereisen in the circle left out in the circle of his Schlager colleagues: Flori can celebrate, as he proved at the end of July with the “Big Hit Comeback”.

Photo: IMAGO/osnapix

However, why he was missing at the 30th stage anniversary of his colleague Andrea Berg (56) is uncertain, like among other things popular voice reported. The program was already recorded on July 29th and 30th (broadcast on August 6th at 8:15 p.m. on ZDF).

Beatrice Egli (34), Nino de Angelo (58) and Kerstin Ott (40) did not miss the break. Of Silbereisen, on the other hand, has no trace and so far no reason has been given for this. His 215,000 Instagram fans also remain in the dark – his last Instagram post is a week old.

Perhaps the “Dream Ship” captain is on his way, but he certainly doesn’t have to set sail for a good portion of sun. Because she shines in Germany with the birthday child.

BILD wishes you a happy birthday – wherever Florian Silbereisen is.

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