Dreamcast: Peter Moore is still "angry" against Sony

Those who have missed it find it difficult to understand it. But for those who knew and played the Dreamcast during its (too) short life, the impression of a deep injustice remains. Equipped with a varied game library with high quality titles, it also offered avant-garde features. Unfortunately, the shadow of the PlayStation 2 never really allowed it to take hold. And if some players find it difficult to move on, so do personalities who worked on the Dreamcast.

Peter Moore still “blames” Sony for the untimely death of the SEGA Dreamcast. In any case, this is what he said recently during a public conversation devoted to the “pioneers” of Xbox. Now at Unity, Peter Moore has also worked through Electronic Arts, Microsoft and SEGA. And he was aptly president of SEGA of America during the Dreamcast years.

Peter Moore having been the boss of Xbox between 2003 and 2007, he knows the Dreamcast and the Xbox very well. And while he drew a parallel between them, he could not help but evoke his regrets vis-à-vis the latest console from SEGA:

The Dreamcast was ahead of its time. And she unfortunately failed to cope with the FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt – tied to PlayStation. And Sony led it brilliantly.

For Peter Moore, Sony nipped the Dreamcast in the bud

In marketing, the “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt“(FUD) is a technique used by brands to denigrate rival brands and products. The goal is to influence through fear by spreading negative information.

Peter Moore is referring here to the way Sony communicated about the upcoming arrival of the PS2. And this, shortly after the marketing of the Dreamcast. This had the effect of dissuading some players from getting a Dreamcast for fear of making a mistake.

At the time, it was indeed not uncommon to hear players say that they preferred to “wait for the PS2.” If he recognizes the effectiveness of Sony’s strategy, he adds with humor that the pill has still not passed:

It’s been 20 years, but I’m still angry.

Xbox, a sort of “Dreamcast 2”?

Peter Moore ends his Dreamcast commentary by saying that the Xbox has taken over:

While the Dreamcast sadly bowed out, the baton was passed to Xbox. And as Xbox Live started to take off, and as we believed in the concept of playing all together online, there was a bit of the SEGA Dreamcast legacy left in there.

As a reminder, the Dreamcast included a 56k modem allowing you to play online. The possibility of playing online with several people was one of the major selling points of SEGA’s latest console. However, this was not enough for the Dreamcast to win.

SEGA then no longer had enough financial strength to compete with Sony and Nintendo. And with the arrival of the Xbox, things would only get more complicated for SEGA.

Even if he remains attached to the Dreamcast, let us recall in conclusion that Peter Moore does not necessarily enjoy a very good image with SEGA fans. Some of them have indeed criticized him for decisions taken following the cessation of production of the Dreamcast. Like for example the cancellation of the American Dreamcast version of Shenmue II. Game released exclusively on Xbox across the Atlantic.

What do you think of these statements from Peter Moore about the Dreamcast and Sony? Do you think he is right? Is the PS2 what hurt the Dreamcast the most in your opinion? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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