Drink water: That’s how long your body can survive without hydration

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Our body needs a certain amount of water every day to be able to work. This fulfills numerous functions in the body. how long one could survive without drinkingwe tell you.

What role water plays for us and how long you can survive without food

the German Society for Nutrition recommends a day at least 1.5 liters of water to drink. In high heat or when you do sports, even half a liter to a full liter of water per hour can do additionally necessary be. the Technicians’ Health Insurance points out that the recommended amount of water does not necessarily have to be drunk completely. Our body can produce around 300 milliliters itself during its metabolic processes. He also gets about another liter from solid food: Apples, vegetables and potatoes, for example, contain around 70 percent water, and cucumbers even 95 percent.

The human body consists up to 70 percent of water. How high the proportion actually is depends on your age and gender. filled with water important tasks in the human body. Among other things, water forms the body as a component of cells and tissue, dissolves solid components such as salt or sugar from food and carries dissolved nutrients to the cells. Furthermore, water should be emphasized as an important means of transport for elimination processes and as a coolant for the body.

But how long would the body survive without water in an emergency situation? That the body a long time without food get by, show, for example, reports of prisoners who went on strict hunger strikes. These died official documentation according to about 28 to 40 days. Other reports tell of cases where people have survived almost three months without eating; However, these observations cannot be verified. But none of them was without water.

Survival without water and consequences of dehydration

These explanations about the importance of water for the body show that for liquid other rules are considered for food. How long a person can survive without water could only be found out based on observations of dying people. For example, one explained biology professor George Washington University told NBC News in 2013 that the Maximum time at one week lie.

The concept of maximum time is deliberately chosen here; a shorter period is more likely. That’s how you start three to four days out. Especially when you extreme situations such as severe physical exertion or heat, the likelihood of surviving a week without water is very small. In the interview, Claude Piantadosi introduced Duke University scientistsfrom that one at moderate temperatures about 100 hours could survive.

This is because our bodies are constantly losing water; And not just when you sweat, but when you just exhale. If you are in an extreme situation, you can even sweat out more than a liter per hour. If you don’t drink enough afterwards, the water level in your body fall off rapidly. In the worst case, according to scientist Randall K. Packer in his Article for “Scientific American” in 2002, this could reduce the amount of blood. Dehydration is therefore an emergency in any case, especially when the latter causes a Loss of more than 10 percent of its own weight. Among other things, this emphasizes that University of Rochester Medical Center and draws attention to the fact that such dehydration, if ignored, can lead to lead to death can.


In summary, it shows how It is important to drink enough water every day. Especially in extreme situations, you should definitely consider that your need for water will increase. Water is essential for numerous bodily functions. In the case of dehydration, the emergency call should be dialed immediately, as this in the worst case, death can lead.

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