Driver of a tow truck died in an accident on the Oro highway

Authorities of the National Civil Police (PNC) inspect the scene of a traffic accident on kilometer 14 of the Oro highway, at the height of Ciudad Delgado, where a collision between a tractor and a truck was reported in the early hours of Tuesday. truck.

The mishap left the truck driver deceased. According to the truck driver, the truck was making a U-turn that was not allowed, which caused the driver of the truck loaded with sand to crash right into the cab of the trailer.

The incident occurred around 8:00 in the morning and caused heavy traffic congestion on that road.

Video courtesy Twitter @Marher34

“I was coming in my right lane, when I saw that he made the u-turn and he couldn’t do it, and what he did was back up and when I saw that, he didn’t leave me room (…). He wanted to take it off me to make the u-turn, but he didn’t do anything anymore and when he opened the door of the trailer, he wanted to get out and that’s where I hit him ”the truck driver testified.

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