Drought intensifies on the northern border

Victor Osorio / Reform Agency

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 | 16:54

Mexico City- The drought conditions intensified on the northern border of the country, where most of the dams were filled yesterday with less than 50 percent of their capacity.

As of April 30, practically the entire territory of Baja California and Sonora registered some level of drought. The proportion in Coahuila was 88.3 percent, in Chihuahua 82.5, in Nuevo León 58.9 and in Tamaulipas 41.1.

The most critical conditions were found in Coahuila, Chihuahua, and Nuevo León, with 35.4, 19.2, and 17.9 percent of their surface experiencing extreme and exceptional drought.

By basin councils, the Rio Bravo registers extreme and exceptional drought in 31.5 percent of its surface.

Nine municipalities suffered exceptional drought: Coyame del Sotol, Guadalupe, Manuel Benavides and Ojinaga, in Chihuahua; Acuña, Guerrero and Hidalgo, in Coahuila; Anáhuac, in Nuevo León, and Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas.

In its latest edition, the Mexico Drought Monitor reported that in the second half of April, below-average rainfall was observed in the Northwest, North Pacific, West, and South Pacific.

“Throughout this fortnight, an anticyclonic system was presented that promoted stable weather in some regions, and warmer than normal conditions prevailed throughout the territory, mainly in the north, which caused an increase in areas with severe and extreme drought. in the northwest and north of the country,” he said.

According to the National Water Information System, 4 of the 5 main dams in Coahuila -including the La Amistad international reservoir- yesterday had storage less than 50 percent of its capacity.

The same situation occurred in 7 of 10 dams in Chihuahua, including El Granero and La Boquilla; in 6 of 9 from Tamaulipas; in 3 of 4 from Nuevo León; in 8 of 9 from Sonora, and in 4 of 4 from Baja California

Meanwhile, the Technical Committee for the Operation of Hydraulic Works reported that at the national level only one dam was 100 percent full last Monday, while 41 had storage between 75 and 100 percent, 68 between 50 and 75 percent and 100 less than 50 percent.

The total storage of the 210 main dams in the country, he reported, amounted to 62,389 million cubic meters of water, 1,835 million less than on May 2.

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