Duds: Oberhausen: bomb defused after evacuation of old people’s home

A dud from the Second World War was defused in Oberhausen on Thursday evening. A retirement home had to be evacuated beforehand.

One that did not detonate Air bomb from World War II was on Thursday afternoon in Oberhausen discovered. The dud had to be defused. Among other things, there was a Old people’s homethat had to be evacuated. The evening of the defusing in Ticker:

8.45 p.m .: The city of Oberhausen reports: “After exactly 21 minutes the long-awaited call from the defuser came, at 8.45 pm the bomb was defused. All blocks are now lifted again. “

8.30 p.m .: The defusing begins. The experts Uwe Palmroth and Adis Kalic from the ordnance disposal service will now secure the bomb.

8 pm: The disarming is delayed, some people refuse to leave the danger area.

7.30 p.m .: 60 elderly people are affected by the evacuation, nine of them are bedridden and therefore require special attention. 130 employees from the fire brigade, police, municipal security service and THW are currently on duty in Osterfeld.

7.30 p.m .: The following streets are now closed: Bottroper Straße, Gildenstraße, Rheinische Straße, Fahnhorststraße, Bergstraße, Dülmener Straße, Kampstraße, Kapellenstraße, Vestische Straße, Heinestraße, Rothebuschstraße and Scheuerstraße. The following bus lines will be rerouted: SB 91, SB 92, SB 93, SB 94, 957 and 961.

19 o’clock: Those responsible say: “The evacuation has not yet been completed, but everything is going according to plan.” If all goes well, the bomb will be defused at 8 p.m.

5:52 p.m .: For people who have nowhere else to find accommodation, the city is setting up emergency centers: St. Pankratius Community Center, Nürnberger Straße 6, and the Evangelical Church Community, Vestische Straße 86. For people who visit the St. Pankratius Community Center, the 2G rule applies ( vaccinated or recovered), for the Evangelical Church Community at Vestischen Straße 86, the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered or tested). Testing is possible here at the entrance.

5:09 p.m .: The city of Oberhausen reports the discovery of an English five hundredweight bomb. It was found during construction work on Vestischen Straße at number 42. The ordnance disposal service plans to defuse the bomb at 8 p.m. To do this, residents have to leave their homes within a radius of 250 meters. Around 800 people are affected – including the residents of the senior citizens’ residence at Olga-Park.

Osterfelderinnen and Osterfelder, who live within a radius of 500 meters from the place of discovery, are asked not to leave their apartment for the duration of the defusing.

The city provides information via loudspeaker announcements, and an information hotline has been set up: 0208-2054.

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