Due to enmity with Andrea Legarreta, the famous woman leaves Hoy and arrives on Tv Azteca

Due to enmity with Andrea Legarreta, the famous woman leaves Hoy and arrives on Tv Azteca

This famous actress said goodbye to the program Today, At the whim of Andrea Legarreta, he goes to one of the most famous projects of TV Azteca: windowing.

Despite the fact that a few days ago she was next to Galilea Montijo, now in the company of the controversial Pati Chapoy, the singer also gave strong statements about her life.

Did he release secrets from the Televisa drivers? In The Truth News We share all the details.

Famous leaves today by Andrea Legarreta

We are talking about Paulina Rubio, Andrea Legarreta’s archenemy for the love affair she had with Erik Rubín at the beginning of her career.

A couple of days ago he reappeared in front of the Hoy cameras, participating in various games of the program; she even remembered when she would visit the forum to sing.

Despite the fact that everyone showed a good reception towards La Chica Dorada, Andrea Legarreta was not present to receive her due to health complications.

However, not everything was joyful during her visit as she made strong comments towards Galilea Montijo, just after she imitated her by singing a song of her own.

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Paulina Rubio arrives at Ventaneando with exclusive gossip

Paulina Rubio on TV Azteca.

However, his love for Televisa and the Hoy forum went away very quickly since he came to visit the Ajusco television station as a guest star.

In Ventaneando it was interviewed by Pati Chapoy, who is now in controversy after an arrest warrant against him.

In the talk, Paulina Rubio talked about her new single and the complicated relationship with her children’s parents; to whom she confessed that she has maintained for many years.

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