Due to the rise in world prices, India prohibited the export of wheat

The government of India banned all wheat exports from today. The only exceptions will be those that have already been paid for and shipments to countries that are at high risk of food shortages may also be considered. The rest of the wheat will stay within the country.

The announcement was made by the General Directorate of Foreign Trade of the Asian nation and the objective of the measure is to help control the increase in food prices within the country at a time when the value of cereals skyrocketed worldwide. In a nutshell, India wants to guarantee the food security of its 1,380 million inhabitants.

India has wheat in storage, but a large part of this was used to feed 800 million people during the pandemic.

The war in Ukraine caused a massive increase in global food prices. So much so that since the beginning of the year the price of wheat has increased by 40%. However, that is not the only problem you face. India.

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