Duel around the world: Wigald Boning sinks in the Baltic Sea

Duel around the world: Wigald Boning sinks in the Baltic Sea

Please, dont’t try that.

The cult moderators Joko Winterscheidt (44) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (39) are squeamish with their celebrity candidates in “Duel Around the World” never been – and that shouldn’t change on Saturday evening either. In addition, the show celebrated its tenth anniversary – presenter Jeannine Michaelsen (41) could hardly believe it herself: “We’ve been doing this nonsense for ten years!”

Ten years of “Duel around the World”: presenter Jeannine Michaelsen, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko Winterscheidt play on, on and on…

Photo: ProSieben / Nadine Rupp

While actress Nilam Farooq (33) had to balance between two floating hot air balloons at a height of 900 meters in fear of death, actress Jessica Schwarz (45) went to a Dutch amusement park, where she did a whopping 57 roller coaster rides. Meanwhile, comedian Wigald Boning (56) had to make his own survival tools, and singer Sasha (51) became a dislike in Norway on a TV show.

Sasha misbehaves

It’s celebrated in Germany – but pop star Sasha shouldn’t be traveling to Norway anytime soon. He drove to the Scandinavian country for Team Klaas, where he faced a particularly unpleasant challenge Either waited: “Dear Sasha, tomorrow all of Norway will hate you. I booked you a slot on the country’s biggest morning show. You’re supposed to behave like an A**** there!”

More detailed instructions made Sasha blush in the face: “The fact that no one likes me is exactly the opposite of what I would otherwise want.” But it didn’t help – on the Norwegian broadcaster, Sasha had to splurge first of all: “I’m interesting like Kanye West .”

He persuaded the recording manager to disguise himself with false teeth and glasses. In an interview with the moderators, it got even more embarrassing – Sasha asked piqued: “Are you drunk now?”

After also taunting the sofa and the light in the studio, he performed his hit song “I feel lonely” in Norwegian – insulting the whole country. Sasha blared: “Denmark is much better. Northern lights and the smell of fish. Finland is better too. Here everyone is big and dumb and descended from mooses. Your family tree is a circle.”

After this embarrassing number, he then presented a T-shirt with the imprint: “Norway stinks like moose piss.” An action for which the pop star was still ashamed in retrospect – the country point for Klaas he was sure of it though.

Wigald Boning builds an oxygen device

He is known as a marathon runner and mountaineer – but the task that Joko had come up with for comedian Wigald Boning made the extreme athlete sweat beads on his forehead. Winterscheidt still had a bone to pick with the TV star.

He’d regularly submitted ideas to Boning’s television show Do Not Copy as a child, but now complained that he’d never received a response: “They never did anything I suggested!”

The experiment that he had come up with for Boning was all the wilder. Joko sent him to Poland on a ship and said mysteriously: “My team on deck has all the other information.” Boning’s smile quickly faded – he already suspected something bad: “I have a bit of a queasy feeling. This could now amount to a bit of revenge. Just because the letters to the editor weren’t answered properly, do I have to pay for it now?”

Exactly that: Joko first tormented the poor TV star with the task of eating a broom. Wigald Boning sawed it up, then put it in the blender – and actually ate it!

As a second task, Boning even had to remove his nose hair with a commercially available New Year’s Eve rocket. But even that was nothing compared to the third and final challenge. An office space was available for the comedian on a rusty factory, to which he was fixed with chains.

The task: It was to be sunk in the Baltic Sea with self-made diving equipment – the dock on which it was located was to be flooded shortly afterwards. In a panic, Boning set about making a diving helmet out of a water container and a hose and worried: “Basically, I don’t have that much confidence in my manual skills.”

After the dock was flooded, he panicked: “Every human being has this primal fear of drowning.” He also didn’t know whether his construction would hold up and cursed: “Why am I doing this? How come? So idiotic!” In the end, however, the diving construction held up – an experiment that earned Klaas a country point.

Klaas remains “World Champion”

Nilam Farooq and Jessica Schwarz also got a point for Joko, but Klaas was ahead in the studio games and thus got a time advantage in the big final game. The “World Champion” trophy was hidden and had to be sought – throughout the house.

The highlight: The two got a cell phone with social media tips where the trophy could be.

In the end, Klaas was ahead again: He was the first to find the trophy and can call himself “World Champion” until the next “Duel around the World” edition in autumn.

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