Duggan compared prosecutor Luciani to Nisman: "The two made a false complaint against Cristina Kirchner"

The C5N journalist compared the prosecutor who accuses Cristina Kirchner in the Vialidad case and the deceased in 2015. “They look alike,” he said

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08/01/2022 – 9:44 p.m.

Duggan compared prosecutor Luciani with Nisman: "Both made a false complaint against Cristina Kirchner"

The journalist Pablo Duggan expressed himself this Monday in relation to the federal prosecutor in charge of the Vialidad case against Cristina Kirchner, Diego Luciani. The C5N host made a controversial statement comparing Luciani to the late prosecutor Alberto Nsiman. “Luciani and Nisman are somewhat similar: they both made a false complaint against Cristina,” he posted on his Twitter account.

The communicator, who is also the author of the book “Who killed Nisman?”, also assured that the prosecutor who died in 2015 he killed himself because he was “scared”.

“Nisman could not hold her and committed suicide, afraid that his corruption and his lies about the cause would come to light,” he said.

For Duggan, “Nisman committed suicide”

The journalist crossed paths with several of his colleagues on Twitter. On one of the occasions, he quoted a tweet from Eduardo Feinmann, who stated: “Take care of prosecutor Luciani, we already know what they did with Nisman.” Duggan, claimed: “Don’t keep lying, Nisman committed suicide.”

The unfortunate statement by journalist Pablo Duggan.

The unfortunate statement by journalist Pablo Duggan.

He also starred in a fairly intense discussion on the little bird’s social network with Fernando Iglesias. The Radio 10 journalist insulted him: “The hijaputez of @pabloduggan is total.” “The son of a bitch is you who lies to people saying that Nisman was assassinated by a Mapuche, Iranian, Venezuelan commando. Chanta,” Duggan replied.

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