Duke Nukem Forever: Remaster mod makes Gearbox’ shooter older

A new remaster mod doesn’t turn Gearbox’ Duke Nukem Forever into a more modern shooter, but rather goes in the opposite direction.

Duke Nukem Forever: Enhanced, as the mod is called, is intended to ensure that the title is more playfully based on shooters from the 90s.

Back to the roots

“Duke Nukem Forever: Enhanced is a mod for the 2011 release of DNF that aims to improve the gameplay of the original game and make it play more like a classic shooter.”

What does it mean exactly? There is no longer a sprint function, but you generally move faster. You can also jump higher and the balancing of the weapons has been worked on.

More news about Duke Nukem:

The Duke can now carry as many weapons as he wants and you complete the driving sections from the first-person perspective. In addition, there are quicksaves, post-processing effects and improved shadows.

If you want to try the whole thing, you can download the mod download here.

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