Dukes of Sussex will not spend Christmas with the Royal Family

Diana Angélica Chávez Zea/Agencia Reforma

Thursday, November 24, 2022 | 13:21

Mexico City.- During the first Christmas of the English Royal Family without Elizabeth II, it is speculated that family problems will continue to separate the House of Windsor, as experts say that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not meet at Sandringham for the holidays.

It was reported that last month, the Sussexes received an invitation from King Charles III to attend the family’s Christmas party in Norfolk.

However, they point out that the invitation will be declined and that Enrique and Meghan will spend Christmas in Los Angeles with their children.

Biographer Angela Levin claims that the central problem in the Sussexes’ break with the Royal Family stems from the upcoming release of the couple’s docuseries and Prince Harry’s memoirs.

This is because these projects could reveal problems within royalty, according to information published by The Sun.

The December premiere of the Harry and Meghan docuseries produced by Netflix, and the release of Harry’s memoirs in January, have members of the Royal Family very nervous, who hope to spend a very positive Christmas after the loss of the Reina, and the presence of the Sussexes would not help that, according to Levin.

Prince Harry has reportedly tried to push the release of the docuseries back to after Christmas, leading Angela Levin to think it could be because it will contain information affecting her father, the King.

The biographer also commented on the almost zero relationship that Enrique and Meghan’s children have had with their father’s family.

“It’s up to the Sussexes whether they want their children to know what their father’s family is like, but it could also be that the royals don’t want them there after the documentary.

“(Enrique and Meghan) They want titles for their children but they don’t want them to mix with the same people who can give them to them,” criticized Angela Levin.

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