Dying Light 2, the launch is just the beginning: Techland promises 5 years of expansions and updates!

Returning from the Dying Light 2 event on coop and PS4 and Xbox One versions, Techland returns to social media to promise multi-year support for the project that will see the light of the shops on February 4th on PC and console.

As happened in recent days with the tweet on the 500 hours needed to complete Dying Light 2, once again the Polish software house prefers to “play up front” and bring all the aces up its sleeve to the plate to report that it is working on a post plan. – extremely ambitious and content-packed launch.

As further confirmation of Techland’s claims, the social team of the Wroclaw company shares an eloquent infographic that underlines the desire to ensure no less than five years of support for Dying Light 2.

In this long period of time, the explorers of the post-apocalyptic dimension of Stay Human will receive constant updates that will introduce new events, new settings, narrative lines that will tell original stories and the inevitable sequence of objects, weapons, consumables and customizations that over the years have marked the post-launch support of the previous chapter of the horror epic.

The plan is described by the Techland guys themselves as a “World Expansion” which will, in fact, expand the game world through free updates and, presumably, expansions similar in size and content to the huge Dying Light The Following. Let us know with a comment what you think about it.

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