Dynamic Island from the iPhone 15 supposedly also in the standard model

According to an analyst, the new dynamic display on the iPhone 14 Pro called Dynamic Island will only be reserved for the Pro line for a year. With the iPhone 15, the modified camera cutout in the display is also expected for the standard models, writes display expert Ross Young on Twitter.

Young has been in the display industry for 25 years and currently serves as the managing director of a display supply chain consultancy. According to him, those interested in iPhone should not get their hopes up that a 120 Hertz display will also be introduced in the standard model. The supply chain alone cannot do this, he says.

With the Dynamic Island, Apple has made a flexibly growing black display field out of the camera cutout, which shows status displays such as the audio player, for example. An extension to the standard models would make sense for app developers, since they would then have even more reason to support this type of display. At present, they cannot make any targeted use of it, since the necessary prerequisites will only be in place once the live activities have been introduced. However, apps that use the CallKit APIs to handle calls or NowPlaying for media player applications are already integrated into the display.

Meanwhile, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports, that Apple according to its latest survey Switched iPhone 14 production lines to iPhone 14 Pro. A corresponding request was sent to the supplier company Hon Hai. Apple wants to prepare for the fourth quarter, which is strong in terms of sales.

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