Dyson sucks up the prices of its premium vacuum cleaners for Black Friday (up to -120€)

Do we still have to introduce Dyson? A true queen of household appliances, the British company has notably shaken up the vacuum cleaner market thanks to premium cordless products, impressive innovative technology, unrivaled quality and refined design.

While Dyson offers very few promotions over the months, the brand takes advantage of Black Friday. For a few more days, its high-end vacuum cleaners are victims of immediate discounts of up to 120 euros. Golden offers but don’t delay: Dyson stocks are not expandable. Here is our selection of the 3 best Dyson offers this Black Friday.

I take advantage of Black Friday at Dyson

Dyson V15™ Detect+

Dyson V15 Detect

© Dyson

Released last year, the Dyson V15™ Detect+ is a powerhouse capable of cleaning entire homes without flinching. It reveals a suction power of 240 AW, which gives it the position of the most powerful vacuum cleaner in the entire Dyson range. Its 0.76 liter collector is colossal, so you don’t leave anything lying around on your floors even if you live in a large apartment or to make several passes without having to empty it. Its Digital Motorbar™ brush easily sucks up pet hair and hair and automatically detangles it thanks to its innovative technology.

Its Dyson Hyperdymium™ digital engine, of which the brand has the secret, is both powerful and light. It succeeds in sucking up microscopic dust as well as large debris thanks to its 125,000 revolutions per minute. With one hour of autonomy, your interior is impeccable without effort.

For Black Friday, the exceptional Dyson V15™ Detect+ is reduced by 100 euros and costs you 599 euros instead of 699 euros. A real bargain, especially since for the occasion, Dyson has bailed out its stocks. Take advantage before the offer ends and before the stocks are gone. It’s now or never !

I take advantage of Black Friday at Dyson

Dyson V12™ Detect Slim Absolute

Visual of the Dyson V12 Slim Absolute

© Dyson

Just as efficient as its counterpart, the Dyson V12™ Slim Absolute is another phenomenal ally for cleaning up. It has a self-detangling motorized mini-brush that does an impeccable job on any type of floor (parquet, tiles, rugs and carpets) or surfaces (furniture and textiles). The Motorbar™ brush is always there to make pet hair and loose hair miserable.

Its 150 AW suction power is enough to thoroughly clean your interior. Its autonomy of one hour is a real pleasure, you will see. Currently at 529 euros instead of 649 euros on Dyson’s official website, the V12™ Detect Slim Absolute™ gets one of the best offers from the trader.

This discount of 120 euros is unprecedented and it would be a shame to miss it. Clean up in one go and effortlessly? We say yes. The “Slim Absolute” version allows you to leave with a slew of accessories such as a long nozzle or an adapter for low furniture. Bonus ? You have the docking station offered.

I take advantage of Black Friday at Dyson

Dyson V8™ Total Clean

V8 Total Clean Dyson

© Dyson

If it is not as recent as the Dyson V15™ Detect+ or V12™ Detect Slim Absolute, the Dyson V8™ Total Clean is still a real gem for cleaning your home. Both light and easy to handle, it contains unsuspected power. It benefits from a digital motor capable of rotating up to 110,000 times per minute and giving the dust that litters your floors no chance.

It has a satisfying 40-minute battery life, captures allergens and releases cleaner air. A good companion, in short. Note that it is entitled to a collector of 0.54 liters and a suction power of 115 AW. A technical sheet of formidable efficiency and of which he does not have to be ashamed.

To celebrate Black Friday, Dyson is selling off the price of its limited edition Dyson V8™ Total Clean. For a few more days, it goes below 300 euros. Magical ! Thereby, the Dyson V8™ Total Clean is yours for only 299 euros instead of 349 euros.

Of course, this is only a non-exhaustive list of Dyson offers on its vacuum cleaners. There are even more models of premium cordless vacuum cleaners such as the Dyson V10™ Total Clean at 399 euros instead of 449 euros, the Dyson V11™ Total Clean at 499 euros instead of 599 euros or its extra version at 499 euros instead of 549 euros. If you prefer to set your sights on a more classic canister vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Big Ball™ Multi Floor 2 drops to 229 euros instead of 279 euros. It’s now or never !

I take advantage of Black Friday at Dyson

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