E-scooter: Düsseldorf wants to cut the number of rental scooters in half

E-scooters parked all over the place disturb the mayor of Düsseldorf, Stephan Keller. Furious e-scooter drivers – often intoxicated – also caused considerable problems. Since the transport policy benefit of the vehicle is also questionable, he and his administration want to propose to the Düsseldorf Transport Committee that the number of e-scooters in the city should be halved.

In the future, the scooters will no longer be parked anywhere, but at certain stations. Providers should be asked to vacate incorrectly parked scooters immediately; The city wants to remove illegally parked vehicles at the expense of the operator, which should cost an average of 100 euros per use. There should be parking bans in the city center, in “sensitive areas”, on bodies of water and in green spaces. Düsseldorf wants to control all of this extensively and get the scooter rental companies to use more “rangers”.

The OB wants to use the “entire legal scope”, as it says in a message. The concept should be presented to the Transport Committee on October 27th.

The providers Tier, Lime, Voi, Bird and Bolt are currently active in Düsseldorf, and together there provide more than 4000 electric scooters. The Düsseldorf city administration agreed with the companies last summer that users would receive financial incentives if they park their loan companions at certain places.

So far, the city of Düsseldorf has issued special use permits for the parking and provision of electric scooters. She had clearly defined that electric scooters should not be parked in parks or nature reserves and, of course, should not be submerged in water, according to heise online in June.

Nonetheless, in Düsseldorf, the employees of the local gardening authority and the municipal drainage company regularly retrieve e-scooters and e-bikes from the waters in the facilities in the city center – in particular from the pond at the Landskrone in the Hofgarten and from the Kö-Graben. However, there are no precise statistics on this. From Cologne it was said in July of this year that 400 electric scooters had been recovered from the Rhine since the beginning of 2020.

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Electric standing scooters, also known as e-kick scooters or e-scooters, have been permitted on public roads in Germany since June 15, 2019. The first have already been spotted in German cities.
(Image: Lime)

Recently, the urging of the city led rental companies to initiate their first sonar boat ride. It took place between the Oberkasseler Brücke and the Rheinkniebrücke; how many standing scooters were found is not yet known.


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