EA: In early 2023, a new game is set to become a "Major IP" appear

EA still has a few games in the pipeline for the last few months of this year, but the first quarter of 2023 will also offer some new titles. EA would like to publish a total of five pieces during this period, as in their new financial report write. We already know about some of these, but two titles do not yet have an exact release date. The first is said to be a new offshoot of a “Major IP”, the other is described as a “Partner Title”.

Five new EA titles in the first quarter of 2023

The latter could be Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This doesn’t have an official release date yet, but according to a few rumors, the game should be released in February or March of 2023. That would put the release in the final quarter of the company’s current fiscal year.

However, nothing is currently known about the previously unannounced game of a “Major IP”. While we know that EA is currently working on a new skate title, developer studio Full Circle repeatedly emphasized that the game is currently still in a very early phase of development. A release in the first quarter of next year is therefore unlikely.

Recently there have also been some rumors about Marvel games that are said to be in development at EA. The studio is said to be working on a single-player game based on Black Panther, and a new title starring Marvel hero Iron Man is also said to be in development. Marvel would probably fall under the term “major IP”, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Furthermore, a remake should also be released during this period, which will probably be the remake of Dead Space. Otherwise, we can look forward to titles like FIFA 23, Madden NFL 23, NHL 23, a new PGTA Tour, and the new Need for Speed ​​spin-off in the coming months.

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