EA reveals reason for dropping FIFA name, federation wants more money

Last week, EA said they were considering renaming FIFA, his long-running soccer series. The problem is that its licensing agreement with the world’s governing body for soccer is pending renewal. Now, a New York Times report says the problem is that the FIFA want double what they got before so SHE continue using the name.

The core of the dispute is financial“says the NYT report. “FIFA seeks more than double what it currently receives from EA SportsAccording to people with knowledge of the conversations, a figure that would increase his payment for the series to more than $ 1 billion for each four-year cycle of the World Cup.“.

Currently, the license agreement is worth around $ 150 million a year for the FIFA. It is worth noting, that SHE he was eager to emphasize in his initial blog post, that losing the license agreement with FIFA ‘it wouldn’t mean the loss of licensing rights for most leagues’, teams and players. SHE negotiates licensing deals with individual leagues and teams, and earlier this week he renewed his contract with FIFPRO , which grants them the majority of the gamer image rights.

Other than the name, losing the license agreement with the FIFA avoid the use of trademarks owned by FIFA, such as the world Cup. Other tournaments would continue to be presented, such as the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. Earlier this month, EA registered trademarks in the EU and Great Britain for the phrase “EA Sports FC “, which generated speculation that this could be the new name of the series.

I hope not, because it is a dry and boring name. “FIFA“It works less because of its association with a corrupt bureaucratic organization and more because it has only two strong syllables.

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