EA soon to be acquired? The publisher finally reacts to the rumors!

According to recent rumors, Electronic Arts has approached entertainment behemoths for a buyout. The editor speaks for the first time on the subject.

The gaming landscape is changing. Under the impetus of Microsoft and its unprecedented acquisitions, studio takeovers are linked. And since we are not at the end of our surprises, even the biggest publishers can be swallowed up. Will this be the case for EA? The American giant responds.

Towards a takeover of EA?

Rumors around takeovers never cease to surprise us. While a possible merger of Square Enix and Sony is on everyone’s lips, Electronic Arts would seek to be the subject of an acquisition. A credible rumor indeed suggested that the American publisher approached very big names, not in video games, but in entertainment. Apple, Disney and Amazon would indeed have been approached by the tenor of the sector. At the latest investor conference, EA reacted to rumors of a takeover.

Unsurprisingly, Andrew Wilson, CEO of the company, played the tongue in cheek with the speech corporate usual. For him, the company is doing very well on its own, but the door is not closed. ” Our goal is always to take care of our employees, our players and our shareholders. Obviously, if there is a way for us to do it differently, of course I would be open to that. But today we are very, very confident and excited about our future. “Officially therefore, EA is not looking for new partners. Unofficially, however, it could be. In any case, Electronic Arts has reason to be impatient. The publisher would have gotten his hands on two Marvel games: Black Panther and Iron Man.

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