EA Sports could change the name of the video game FIFA because FIFA asks for a millionaire

Everyone at some point in our lives has played the video game called FIFA, although we do not even know how to take control, but it is essential in friends’ meetings. Well, we have news for you and that is that the video game could change its name.

How do they want to change the name of FIFA? You are right, the famous video game could stop being called that, because FIFA (the body) wants more greenbacks every four years for letting the video game continue to use that name.

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According to a report by New York Times, lFIFA could remove its name from the famous video game if it does not receive a billion dollars every four years to be able to continue lending the name to follow the most famous video game franchise in history.

FIFA has accompanied the name for almost two decades, as the video game’s debut in 1993 already had the name of the body with “FIFA International Soccer”. Tic-Tac, the minutes go by and will be crucial months for all EA Sports with its video game.

The New York newspaper report adds that, the agreement between EA Sports and FIFA is 10 years and is about to end, in fact, it will end after the Qatar World Cup 2022. So the negotiations will be interesting between both parties.

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What does EA Sports say about the future of the FIFA video game?

Cam Weber, director general de EA Sports Group mentioned in a release: “It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for EA Sports as we officially launched FIFA 22. We are so proud of this year’s game and we love seeing the excitement of players around the world as you step into the experience.“.

Since launch, we have already had 9.1 million players who have joined the game7.6 million Ultimate Team squads have been created and 460 million games played. While we are only at the beginning of our journey with you in this year’s game, we are also focused on where we go from here.Weber added.

As we look to the future we are also exploring the idea of ​​renaming our global EA Sports soccer games. This means that we are reviewing our naming rights agreement with FIFA, which is independent of all our associations and official licenses worldwide.“, it reads.

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Times of change in video games

As the song of The Scorpions says, “Wind of Change”, in the world of video games, specifically in soccer, there are airs of change. Not only is FIFA, who considers another name for the following EA Sports franchises.

The legendary Konami franchise once again changed its name. Well, if you don’t know the history of that video game, first it was called International Super Star Soccer, then it became Winning Eleven and in the 2000’s they changed their name to Pro Evolution Soccer. This 2021, once again it happened, now it is called eFootball.

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