Ebrard campaigns in Durango with vaccines

Mexico City.- To support Marina Vitela’s campaign in Durango, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard highlighted that thanks to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Covid-19 epidemic was controlled, due to the President’s purchase of millions of vaccines around the world.

During a breakfast with teachers in the state capital, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs assured that it is time for the Fourth Transformation to arrive in Durango.

“We are here with great pleasure to convey greetings from the President of the Republic,” said Ebrard at the beginning of his message in favor of Vitela.

He said that there is great expectation about the electoral process, because the 4T project implies great changes, fights corruption and serves the most needy.

“It was the President of the Republic who proposed universal access to vaccines, he was the one who proposed it at the G20, when no one was talking about it,” Ebrard said, although someone yelled at him “you brought them!”

He asked the attendees if they had already been vaccinated, to which people replied yes, three, four times.

“Well, President López Obrador got those vaccines, he spoke with President Russia, China, the United States, with all the organizations and with that prestige, because he says, ‘if you have strength within your country, you have the support of the population. , then you can discuss great things outside’, so what does it translate to? In getting vaccines, when there were none, medical equipment, face masks, and defeating the pandemic… at least controlling it.

“It was a tragedy, we lost thousands of people, but imagine if our President had not obtained the vaccines, of course we would not be here in the first place, we would not be able to live together,” Ebrard stressed.

In his speech, he explained that President López Obrador was the one who proposed the Summit of North American Leaders, which took place in Washington, United States, that such a meeting had not been held for many years.

There, he said, issues of well-being and economic development were discussed, to move from discourse to investments, respecting the sovereignty of our Country. He gave as an example investments in Coatzacoalcos or Tijuana, with agreements to modernize infrastructure throughout the border, for 4.2 billion dollars.

“The thing is, what does that have to do with Durango? Durango is part of that plan. The Government of Mexico proposed its projects and they have already been presented.

“What does it have to do with Durango and with you? If there is a State Government, that there is someone with integrity, commitment, who continues with these programs, these plans, these investments, what do you think is going to happen? We are going to generate prosperity , a better situation.

“And because I’m here, because the President of the Republic wanted to send you this greeting and I wanted to share with you that the 4T should already arrive in Durango, it’s about time, it’s about time, it’s about time,” Ebrard said. in your campaign message.

He added that in 2018 it was said that if López Obrador won, the peso would be devalued, that gasoline would more than double and that minimum wages could not be raised, which was impossible.

However, he stressed, the peso is strong today and there was no crisis, as predicted.

“What do we have today? A great opportunity as a nation and Durango also has it, that’s why I say it is the great moment, take it, it is the great opportunity represented by Marina Vitela, she is going to be the governor, it is the 4T now Durango is going to do well,” he said in favor of the Morena candidate’s event, which was also attended by the Party’s president, Mario Delgado; the coordinator of the federal deputies, Ignacio Mier; and the former president of the PAN, Manuel Espino.

At the time, Vitela also extolled Ebrard’s presence at the breakfast, whom he presented as a “political icon” and a “Morena asset”, to which someone shouted “President!”

“We thank you that on your day off, although you also work Saturdays and Sundays, but today you officially rest, you have taken the day to visit Durango,” said Vitela about Ebrard’s presence at his campaign event, held in a garden .

The Morena candidate offered to promote infrastructure works for the State, with the support of the Federation.

It offered nurseries for working mothers, shelters for abused women and a large package for children, in response to the accusations of the Va por México candidate, Esteban Villegas, that Morena disappeared the childcare centers, the cutback in care for victims of the violence and the disappearance of full-time schools.

In order to win the male vote, he offered support to men of productive age, for those who are not at the age of student scholarships or old-age pensions.

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