Ecocrime will have contact with Norwegians affected by the Axie Infinity hacking

Ecocrime has opened an investigation into the hacker attack on the crypto game Axie Infinity. The unit now wants to get in touch with Norwegian users who may have been affected.

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750 Norwegian users

Ecocrime investigates Axie Infinity attack.


The extensive Axie Infinity attack was uncovered at the end of March, when the thieves ran away with cryptocurrency worth more than five billion kroner. As Økokrim tells E24 had played around 750 Norwegian users when the attack took place, with values ​​up to NOK 50 million.

– The loss for Norwegians is between 30 and 50 million kroner, as we have estimated. I can not go into how we have arrived at that number, said first lawyer Marianne Bender.

Axie Infinity does not register the names or nationalities of its users. Ecocrime therefore does not know which Norwegians are affected, and instead asks that the game’s norwegian users get in touch if they had values ​​in the game when the attack occurred.

According to the FBI, the North Korean group Lazarus was behind the burglary. The US agency will now work with Økokrim to reveal what the parties believe is a money laundering process to convert the cryptocurrency to values ​​in the physical world.

Has covered the loss

Norwegian Alexander Leonard Larsen is operations manager for Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie Infinity. Opposite the website Shifter he confirms that the team is collaborating with Økokrim.

– We assist with what we can. We are not experts in what they do, and it is reassuring that there are professionals in the case. We experience Økokrim as some of the best in the world at this.

Larsen further said that Sky Mavis has already covered the loss. The company raised NOK 1.3 billion from investors in April, in an attempt to reassure its users and restore trust.

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