Economic action: Thailand wants to attract tourists: hotel rooms for one baht

Chiang Mai.
For one campaign, tourists should be able to stay overnight in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for one baht. At the current exchange rate, that would be just under 3 cents.

In order to boost tourism in Thailand in the wake of the corona pandemic, guests in the popular city of Chiang Mai can now stay in a hotel for one Thai baht (0.027 euros) per night. The Harmonize Hotel campaign was launched in cooperation with the tourism authority TAT and the app Robinhood – and has already attracted a lot of attention on social networks, as reported by Thai media.

Interested parties can enter the code CNX1 when booking in the app until August 7th to gain access to the bargain price. The only condition: the overnight stay must have taken place by October 31st. The goal is to attract more visitors to Chiang Mai in the second half of the year, said TAT director for Thailand’s northern regions, Saraswadee Asasapphakit. A hotel occupancy rate of 55 percent is aimed for.

The tourism sector, which is important for Thailand, had come to an almost complete standstill due to the pandemic and is only slowly recovering. Chiang Mai in the north is surrounded by imposing mountain ranges and is best known for its magnificent temples. Before Corona, the city was one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. (dpa)

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