Ecuadorian journalists react live to the earthquake and run off the set

Ecuadorian journalists react live to the earthquake and run off the set

This Saturday March 18, Ecuador and various Peruvian regions felt a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.0, which left multiple consequences. While this was happening, a video went viral because it showed a group of journalists who reacted LIVE to this telluric movement.

The hosts were in the middle of a live sports show discussion, but were caught off guard by the quake. The video shows how the entire recording set begins to move.

It should be noted, as stated in The Truth Newsthe earthquake was registered at 12:12 local time (17:12 GMT) and had its epicenter in the municipality of Balao, near the border with Peru, at a depth of 66 kilometers, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Drivers enter a crisis of fear

The four penalty shooters who were on the set of the Marca 90 channel they panicked After the earthquake began to intensify in a few seconds, they evacuated the property.

Faced with this situation, the first to stand up was the driver Alfredo Borbor, while exclaiming “Oh, my God, my God.” However, his other colleagues asked for calm, but when they saw that the earthquake did not stop, they fled the set to be replaced by the logo of the program.

For his part, Roberto Bonafont remained calm on the set to continue with the program even when everything kept moving and his colleagues were already outside the building.

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Video goes viral on social networks and they praise the calm of the “lawyer”

video capture

The pictures quickly went virals on all social networks, especially on Twitter and TikTok, in which many users praised the calm of Roberto Bonafont or better known as the ‘lawyer’, who was the only one to remain calm and even insisted on continuing With the program.

“Hahaha the lawyer did not move from there,” read a comment.

“Fed up mindfulness of the lawyer”, “I need the tranquility of Roberto Bonafont”, “The lawyer is great”, “My respects to the lawyer who is able to handle peace of mind”, among other comments that many netizens wrote.

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