Eddy de Pretto: these very harsh words from his mother to prevent him from becoming an artist (VIDEO)

This Wednesday, October 13, Eddy de Pretto was the guest of the Canal + show, As an aside. The opportunity for the 28-year-old singer to reconsider his strict upbringing and the very harsh words of his mother, not convinced by his ambitions.

To all the bastards, this is the punchy and catchy title chosen by Eddy from Preto for his new album. After causing a sensation in the French-speaking music industry, the 28-year-old singer from Créteil makes its comeback on the front of the stage, to the delight of his many fans. It must be said that he is not one of those artists who leave you indifferent. In his texts, the young man likes to share a few bits of his life, and never hesitates to address important topics such as identity and sexuality. A subject that has also been taboo within his family, especially with his dad, in the face of which Eddy de Pretto has long struggled to assume his homosexuality. This is the central theme of his song, Kid, in which he denounces this form of “abusive manhood“that he had to undergo.

Eddy de Pretto transparent about his relationship with his mother

In another of his songs baptized My mother, Eddy de Pretto this time returned to his equally difficult relationship with his mother. And there again, he chose to use big words, in particular by concluding with a strong formula: “Someday i will call you mom“. Invited this Wednesday, October 13 on the set of the Canal + show, As an aside, the singer explained how he reassured his mother at the release of this song: “It was quite a process to explain to my mother that there was romanticism, writing and that everything was not copied to the text (…) It’s a metaphor, I’ve always called her Mom of course.

“It’s not for us”

With this song, Eddy from Preto especially wanted to talk about his upbringing the hard way and the “rigid” family cocoon in which he grew up. “We don’t talk, we don’t hug, no kisses, it’s very cold“He confided. And then there are also the words of his mother who did not always want to believe in her son’s ambitions, and who often threw him certain hurtful sentences like:”You will never be able to change environment, you will stay in our environment. Forget the scenes, forget the song, it’s not for us.“Nevertheless, the latter had nevertheless agreed to register him with the MJC of his district. And it is with determination and talent that he became an artist.

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