Eddy Villarroel presents chats with Cerrón that he handed over to the prosecution for terrorism case

Bobby Eddy Villarroel, known as ‘Sasha’, who is a protected witness for the Prosecutor’s Office, presented excerpts from conversations he had with the founder of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, and the congressman of the same party, Guido Bellido. Both are being investigated for the alleged crime of terrorism.

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Villarroel appeared in Willax and assured that he was chosen by José Quispe Palomino, alias ‘Comrade José’, to represent the Militarized Communist Party of Peru (MPCP) in the search for political allies.

It is thus, as he stated, that through Alex Pimentel he met Vladimir Cerrón, who led the Peru Libertario party, which was later renamed Peru Libre. “I took parcels to Cerrón by Quispe Palomino“, he pointed.

In a conversation via WhatsApp dating from September 2015, Eddy Villarroel identified his interlocutor as the former regional governor of Junín. The material is part of what he delivered to the Public Ministry, he pointed out. The message exchange went like this:

“Greetings, compa”wrote Villarroel Medina. To which Cerrón responded, as seen in the image: “Greetings, compatriot. A pleasure to hear from you “. “Thanks”Sasha replied.

I know you have a mission, but it is not different from ours, so it would be good to join forces in the face of the homeless vendorsCerrón wrote.

“I hope you are not one of the traditional politicians”Villarroel responded, prompting the leader of Peru Libre to say: “You can be sure that I have prepared many years for these moments and that loyalty is my maximum premise “.

The newspaper El Comercio accessed images of a clandestine meeting, held on Tuesday, September 21, between the lawyer of Peru Libre, Jhon Benites, and Eddy villarroel at the Onsen 21 Sauna and Spa facilities, located in La Victoria.

As confirmed by Sasha, at the meeting he was offered money in exchange for his silence in the tax investigation that follows Vladimir Cerrón and the ruling congressmen Guillermo Bermejo and Guido Bellido for the alleged crime of terrorism.

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